American Nationals GI & NO GI 2013

Well at first I was not able to attend the nationals and cheer on my two instructors. However myself and two other bjj girls teamed up and showed support on Sunday. I was a little bummed out I missed Saturday but hey I made it out on Sunday and got to cheer on my team mates. For a sunday it was a great turnout. As I walked to the gym first thing I see is acai. I fought the temptation to get a bowl but that didn’t last very long twenty minutes into watching matches and waiting for my teammates to compete I had a delicious bowl.

I watched match after match but I was a little disappointed I had missed the women compete in no gi. The day got later and competitors arrived in gi’s, congrats to the winners especially Tara White she came home with 4 gold medals, my instructor Tom for also coming back with 4 gold medals and how can I forget Tino who also came home with 2 silver medals. Great Job guys what an inspiration to the rest of us.

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