Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Birthday

My birthday started off great and ended being awesome. Arrived to work about ten minutes early and was excited as I had training and dinner planned that night. Received a nice surprise at work that set the tone for the day and what was to come. After a full day of work I got home and couldn’t wait for class, while getting my gear ready I kept in contact with my family to make sure they were still coming. I arrived at the school early as I didn’t want to wait around for the “girls” to finish up in the locker room hahaha. Hey being the only adult female can have its perks as well as its downfalls. Waiting around for your teammates to finish getting ready so that you may enter can get annoying and the bathroom that is used mainly by the guys isn’t exactly any better of an option.

Class was great with lots of rolls and to my surprise I had a bday shout out at the end that made me smile from ear to ear, honestly it felt really good to spend my bday with such an awesome team. We had great instruction on the different ways of getting the kimura and where you can go from there. Oh, did I forget to mention I accidentally smacked the hell out of our black belt ? The look on his face was priceless, I am sure he will get me for that later but hey what did he expect when he was using strength to get me in a arm bar? After training I freshened up then headed to dinner with some of my team and family.  A little bit of makeup and a wardrobe change and I was ready to a very wonderful dinner filled with a great group of people, food and of course talk of Jiu Jitsu. Since I have been trying to eat healthy I gave myself this day to cheat and while I didn’t eat any cake or ice cream I did enjoy a nice fat juicy steak. Yummy !

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