Gabi Garcia Vs Marcelo Garcia: Video

I just came across an awesome roll session between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu superstars Marcelo Garcia and Gabi Garcia. Both are master technicians on the mat, but the battle shows a lot of the aspects of how a matchup consisting of a larger opponent versus a smaller does not equal a strength versus weakness situation.

While there are times where Marcelo simply must retreat from Gabi’s power, he does it calmly, and only realizing that it is necessary due to the type of fight he is in. You will see him smoothly transition into his attacks after times where it appears he’s giving up the position. This is a tough roll, and very interesting to watch. Take a look! From Jen Jitsu’s Youtube page – Original from MGInAction


Gabi Garcia vs Marcelo Garcia




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  1. This article is a joke. If you know anything about Marcelo Garcia is that he could TOOL on Gabi Garcia. He isn’t even breaking a sweat. Gabi is not a technical master she has
    Gotten where she has based on her size alone. If Marcelo wanted to, he could have EASILY submitted her without even trying. Her jiu jitsu is terrible and if you start watching even the high ranked black belt males you will realize that this match makes her look like a joke. Do not ever say that Marcelo is “retreating” due to size and readjusting his position. He is flow rolling and she is trying very hard. He could submit gabi with one arm tied and his eyes closed. Watch Gabi against Mackenzie Dern. Dern is WAY smaller than Marcelo and she goes for a triangle and a knee bar but doesn’t hit it because of size and skill. Dern isn’t even that great in terms of black belt women but even she threatened gabi. Ugh this post annoys me

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      Hey, thanks for the comment! We appreciate the feedback, but we are all about supporting women in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and your wording sounds more demeaning than supportive. We will stick with our analysis, but feel free to add more to the discussion when you have a chance ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. i think that joke Marcelo is great jiu-jitsuka and i think it was play with Gabi cause as i said even orange belt in judo could get gabi i’m sorry to said that but i encourage female bjj but they have to learn more technic then only basic guard cause yellow belt in judo do better then black belt femme bjj . Apologize but it’s true

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