Hurt !!

Back in April 2013 I was injured on the mat during some live rolling.  I did practice R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation) however I did not see a medical professional.  I was able to walk just fine however during rolls my knee definitely felt weak. I only took a week off from training, looking back I should have stayed off the mat for a longer period of time. Since I failed to do so I have now had to be off the mat for over a week. On the bright side my knee is starting to feel stronger and no longer in much pain. I hope to hit the mat tomorrow and as much as I will not like it I will refrain from rolling. Since my injury I have sought medical attention as I was not really healing properly. I acknowledge that attending class and rolling does not help which is why I finally made the step to have it checked out.

September 28th

Well I went out and got some much needed knee support, it really made a huge difference in the healing process. I have found that as long as I am not rolling every single day I can keep away from the pain in my knee. I am down to 4 classes a week,  If I feel any discomfort whatsoever I stay on the sidelines. I must say that even though I did not want to, taking tom off when injured is a must. It’s not worth the risk of being out for months.

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