Master Carlson Gracie…and 2nd Stripe!


Finally it was time for the Carlson Gracie Jr.  seminar and I was extremely excited for it. I have heard countless stories of his technique and amazing ability to turn the simplest of movements into great jiu jitsu moves. Everything he taught seemed so easy that you really ask yourself well why didn’t I think of that? While it seemed easy enough it is something you have to perfect. Nothing like getting the basics down in order to improve your game. I absolutely loved everything he taught us.

Seminar was over and now time for promotions, they called out all the kids names and we were all happy to applaud them. Next adult white belts, my friend and fellow teammate received his blue belt and I couldn’t be happier for him. A list of people were named as they were receiving a stripe. I heard my name and instantly I wanted to just have a huge grin on my face, but to avoid being a goober I held it in. As I walked up and stood there waiting for my now second stripe after 2 years I was jumping up and down inside, my inner child was bouncing off the walls and I the adult was trying my best to contain her. My second stripe by Master Carlson Gracie Jr, wow!! I was beyond happy. The best part was that I was blessed to share this day with my family, it encouraged them to continue with their training so that they too can receive a stripe on their belt one day.




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