IBJJF 2013 Worlds Masters Seniors

Just came back from Long Beach and I just had to write about my experience working at IBJJF. My day started at 9 am. and after a brief training session on how to keep score I was assigned to a mat.The seats started to fill up and a very long day was about to get started, this was my first time score keeping. Luckily I had a friend help me out for the first two hours. In those two hours I became acquainted with the point system, somewhat at least. My eyes grew tired after a couple of hours as I sat there doing nothing but starring at the ref not wanting to mess up. I got to watch over 100 matches and the best part is that they were not all men. Women stepped on the mat and it was awesome to watch the women compete at this level. It was truly inspiring, I wasn’t competing but I swear I could feel the adrenaline as they reached finals. I did take a break to relax my eyes a little bit and of coarse I hit the Acai booth, got to love California! Day ended late and I had only messed up a couple of times but hey it was my first time keeping score and I think it went pretty well being a IBJJF event as everyone was nice and very helpful.

Day 2

Arrived at 9 again and really tired, I’m sure I also looked it ha ha. After I was assigned my mat I had to go up for some much needed coffee. The place started to get packed quick and I knew today was probably going to be intense. I went in feeling more confident than yesterday. However this time I had seats behind me. So I was a little nervous as I knew coaches and teammates can be very passionate. A hour after drinking my coffee I realized it was probably not the best idea to be caffeined up while sitting and watching matches. I felt the need to go for a run or just get on the mat myself. I decided to just drink water in hopes the caffeine left my system soon. Well it didn’t leave as soon as I had hoped and now on top of that I needed a bathroom break. So you know what that meant right ? Ha ha if you guessed acai break then you are correct, the line was long but I hit it up after my much needed bathroom break. A perk of being staff is you get to take acai outside the designated area.

I came back right after my purchase and was just in time to watch my Instructor Tino Martinez at his second match. What an awesome perk it was to be front and center for his match against Marcos Torregossa. After cheering him on it was back to work, as quarter finals and semi finals came upon the crowd grew and became more intense. We were given some time off so I took this opportunity to meet fellow instagramer “liyonhart” which I must say was cool. Even though I couldn’t spend much time chatting it was nice to met him none the less. This day was going great but it was coming to a end, as much as I loved being a part of it I was a little happy to get packed up and head home. As the last matches of the day came to an end it started to sink in that my jiu jitsu filled weekend was officially over. On the way home I say in the car going over my experience at IBJJF World’s.

I started training at Carlson Gracie Temecula at the beginning of march, and since then as I look at my training and what not I feel truly blessed. Blessed ? Yes blessed not only do I have great instructors but I have had the opportunity to take seminars that had some awesome instruction. Carlson Gracie Jr. gave me my second stripe to this here white belt I wear day in and day out when I train. I have had the opportunity to take a total of 4 Clark Gracie classes now. Even better I got to talk to him about Jiu Jitsu, roll and have a mini private session. I have now experienced some of the background work to IBJJF. I appreciate every opportunity like this because I know that not everyone has access to it, but this here white belt does and she is going to soak up everything she can and be grateful for it. Thank You to My instructor and IBJJF for making this weekend a experience I will never forget.

One last thought before I sign off, people please don’t talk to the score keepers. We just keep score as the ref calls it. We have no power over it. Also no we can’t take your picture, no we don’t know when your up next, no you can’t drink my water but thanks for not asking and taking it anyway. And finally respect the staff they all work hard to keep things running smoothly.

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