Will the Real BJJ Girl Please Stand Up?

When I started a blog, signed up for Facebook and Twitter accounts, and began calling myself ‘BJJ Girl’, I knew things could get a little weird. I looked at the Jiu-Jitsu community as a place I wanted to integrate with through those communication methods, but I never stopped to think about all of the craziness that I would go through in the process. It’s been so much fun, and I can’t imagine doing it any differently, but I’ve come to realize that there is nothing I should be surprised by, because nothing is too crazy for the Internet.

Many BJJ Girls, Only One BJJ Girl Emma Valdez

It’s possible that there are others also named Emma Valdez at birth, that also decided to dive into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (hit me up!), but besides that, there is only one BJJ Girl Emma V. That’s me! 🙂

Oddly, this week though, I came across someone on Twitter, that also seemed to think they were me. They were using my name in their handle, my photos that I have posted publicly, and were tweeting and retweeting as if they were me. What made this interesting, is that it almost seemed like me… The posts were similar, and the follows and favorites matched a lot of mine. Whoever this person is, they did homework, and that’s creepy.

And to what end? Beyond being a joke, which this goes much farther than, any reason I can think of is either weird or malicious, and all of which are besides the point. This is something that should not be done. There’s so much world out there to be a part of, and tons of room for BJJ Girls and BJJ Guys alike, why try to be me?

But Hey, Jiu-Jitsu on the Internet is still… The Internet

No one but I chose to put myself out there, and I was fully aware that the Internet was crazy before I tried to be a part of it. Some of our personalities shine when we can really stop and think to put our words into typed out language, while there are others that just stop thinking and let their hands and stupidity do the writing.  I try to stay on the thoughtful side, but if I ever do put my foot in my mouth, be offensive, have an extreme opinion, or just want to vent my own strange thoughts, you can be sure they are coming from me, here at BJJ Girl, or on my real Facebook Page or real Twitter Page.

And Now for the BJJ Girl Comedy!

Luckily, when I was feeling down about the BJJ Girl Impersonation event, I had some awesome people take the time to do something fun that got me in a much better mood. Photoshop Steve is a talented graphic designer that makes some hilarious Jiu Jitsu inspired creations for his website and social media pages. I was honored when he took the time to do one of me, and it definitely cheered me up when him and Classy Grappler posted this: BJJ Girl

Thanks guys! 😀

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