How to lose 3 pounds with Pati Fontes

So you sign up for a competition and the night before you decide to check your weight one last time. You see you still have a few pounds to go and you’re worried. You think to yourself, “How do I do it?”. “How can I drop these last few pounds before tomorrows weigh in?” As we all know, there are safe ways one can cut water weight and there are some unsafe ways. Usually, this water weight cutting is a last resort. You could have been doing well all week and then – bam! the water fairy decides to pay you a visit. Suddenly you’re up several pounds and you’re worried.  Here’s a tip: Stress can cause water retention so relax and stay hydrated up until you decide to do something like this. Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled program. How to lose 3 pounds in an hour…

Black Belt Pati Fontes (of Checkmat) showed us just how she did it. Remember folks, we are in no way advocating that athletes try this, and please always speak to a doctor before trying any diet, exercise, etc.


In a recent video Pati can be seen preparing her weight cut. She explains that she prepares her weight cut with these three ingredients:

Water: Used to prepare a hot bath. This bath encourages a deeper blood flow throughout your whole body. It also raises your body temperature.

Epsom Salt: Relaxes the muscles

Rubbing Alcohol: Assists with getting the water weight out of your body

Several towels and blankets to assist with the whole sweating it out process.

The Process

In her video, we see Pati take a dip for 5 minutes in this bath. When she gets out of her bath she proceeds to wrap herself in blankets for several minutes even after she begins to sweat. She speaks about how mentally exhausting the process is. We hear talk about how she feels like her heart is just pounding with great intensity during this process.  She had lost 14 pounds the month before, so it’s no wonder that at this point she’s hitting mental exhaustion with this process. Finally, weigh-in time approaches. She’s lost 2 pounds with just one round of bathtub time. Pati proceeds to continue on for two more rounds of being in the bath and ultimately comes out 3 pounds lighter in just one hour. Pati is seen happy and celebrating that she’s made her cut at the end of the video. Remember, for some, cutting weight is just the process they go through to make weight. There are various reasons you might make the choice.


Listen to your body, don’t do anything drastic. Cut weight safely if you chose to cut weight. Making weight never guarantees a gold medal. Keep on training and good luck to those of us who put it all on the line. Combate!!

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